Pro LCD Hair Curler

Pro LCD Hair Curler
Pro LCD Hair Curler
Pro LCD Hair Curler
Pro LCD Hair Curler

A tourmaline ceramic automatic rotating hair curler that will give you perfectly shaped curly locks. The Pro LCD Hair Curler lets you control which way the curler rotates, temperature, and how long you want your hair in the heat.


  • Thermal Conductor Size: 21-30mm
  • Made of: Titanium, tourmaline ceramic
  • Time Settings: 8 sec, 10 sec, 12 sec, 15 sec
  • Heat Settings: 140, 190, 210, 230 degree Celsius

Time and Heat Setting Instructions

  • 8 seconds: Beeps 3 times for Natural Curls
  • 10 seconds: Beeps 4 times for Soft Bouncy Curls
  • 12 seconds: Beeps 5 times for Defined Curls
  • 15 seconds: Beeps 6 times for Tight Defined Curls
  • 140 degrees Celsius: For delicate fine or colored hair
  • 190 degrees Celsius: For fine or colored hair
  • 210 degrees Celsius: Normal or textured hair
  • 230 degrees Celsius: For thick or wavy hair

Product Review: http://wcetveshop.blogspot.com/2015/03/pro-lcd-hair-curler.html

Our Price: $120.00

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