IPKN New York - Moist Cube Emulsion

IPKN New York - Moist Cube Emulsion

IPKN New York - Moist Cube Emulsion

Moist Cube Line is for those with dry skin. With exclusive Liquid Ice Hybrid Vitamin Liposome technology to help improve facial skin texture, provide moisture and resilience. Benefits of ECOCERT triple oil containing Argan, Olive, and Evening Primrose help stimulate natural skin renewal and repair.

Soft resilient feel formula containing Hyaluronic acid and Shea butter, encourages your skin in absorb all nutrition softly and brings deep moisture finish.

1. Soft formula that enables one to feel elasticity of hyaluronic acid on fingertip

2. Thick and smooth rolling; moist shea butter penetrates into skin deeply to provide hydration

3. Finishing touch with velvet shield that constantly hydrates skin all night

Directions: Apply an adequate amount and gently pat it into the skin spreading under eyes, cheeks, chin, and nose to the upper side of your eyes.

Size: 120ML

Made in: Korea

Our Price: $43.00

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