Dae Dae ECO Hand Casting Deep Pot 24cm

Dae Dae ECO Hand Casting Deep Pot 24cm
Dae Dae ECO Hand Casting Deep Pot 24cm
Dae Dae ECO Hand Casting Deep Pot 24cm
  • Model: ECOSOLAR
  • Size: 24cm (Deep pot)
  • Material: AL Casting (XPRIDE COATING), bakelite, stainless steel, silicone
  • Makers: Dae Dae INDUSTRY CO., LTD

Ecosolar Design Concept

ECOSOLARís Design comes from motherís mind for her family that gives womenís softness and strength on potís body and lid without uniformity straight line. Using organic curve that shows softness and strength as mother. In addition, giving sun pattern on bottom of pot that shows ECOSOLARís characteristic and beauty.

Ecosolar Brand Story

ECOSOLAR is made by hand casting the ceramic coating which proved by the U.S. DA and SGS RoHS test that you can cook without any concern about EDC(endocrine-disrupting chemicals) and variety colors will satisfy customersí desire. ECOSOLARís design uses organic curves to potís body and lid that shows softness and strength in the same time which is the main point. Also, sun pattern added on potís bottom that gives symbolization and beauty. ECOSOLAR is made by gravity casting construction that has more aluminum content and eco-friendly product. So, it is totally different from normal die casting pots. ECOSOLAR is an eco-friendly product which present totally different beauty from exiting productsí colors and shapes.

Retail: $95.00
On Sale: $85.50
You Save: 10%

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